Black Patch War

by Common Market



released May 20, 2008



all rights reserved


RA Scion Seattle, Washington

RA Scion has been writing, recording + performing since the '90s, most notably as 1/2 of Common Market.
"There is a restlessness in RA Scion, a desire to move outside of usual or secure boundaries. From rural Kentucky to as far afield as Zambia & Greece, he's spent his life reinventing himself and his task in the world. His answers are never easy ones.” – Victoria Farr Brown, Historian and Writer ... more

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Track Name: Black Patch War
[the guys are gonna wanna,
go out and play sometimes
just take this advice i give..]

‘possum hunters posse up, now..

it’s in the name of the father we ride, right or wrong only god’ll decide
dismiss diplomacy, don’t bother we tried
they don’t play fair, the sharecroppers profits are marginalized
for law enforcement a farmer resort to homicide
we fought for our lives before this mess
check a storied past, patch of distress - a shred of dignity
a scrap of prospect left in me, leave the pistol empty
shotgun got somethin’ for the enemy, it’s the
black. patch. war chant bangin’ on em
to fifth-third send word of another bank bombin’
ranks mobbin over the hilltop on horseback
surround the storehouse, four corners and torch that
been in the poorhouse before and i don’t want that
for my boys, hear the voice at the point of contact, listen

[don’t lose your self-respect, trying to gain revenge]

advice to heed, yeah - follow the rules, i’ll lead;i plead
ignorance to business affairs beyond the field
but on the real what we’re dealing with here’s extraordinarily
heavy-handed - look where your property landed
now come play monopoly with vigilantes and bandits
i’mma stand this ground, with plans to expand the compound
interest rise over the cries of “man down!”
empathize with the planters of antioch, we can’t stop now
divine decree, and how
the flag of hoptown will be ours now, you’re under siege
you’re one of these whether or not you wanna believe
pledge allegiance - come the son’ll receive, the company be
numbered as somethin’ we hung from the trees
from the seas of judah move a multitude of discontented
consider me a spiritual descendant
woe to those makin’ unjust laws, what i sayeth
is like a modern-day isaiah
may the lord be the judge of my sins, look what we’re up against
more sufferin’, no support from the government
poor and covetous, i pour a cup and it’s
not enough to fill up - we’re overrunnin’ this
operation taken down, klan vandalism
a coups de gras for the law of the land’s evangelism
silent brigade engage in a whisper
send shock waves breakin’ - how you shakin’ a fist? it’s the
black. patch. war chant bangin’ on em
a higher callin’ the fire of sodom rainin’ on em
Canaan fallin’ - flames rebuke the lot of ringleaders
this james b. a duke, not a king
he as savage as the pack he employed, capital gradually
voided, now flatter me or see your tobacco destroyed, listen

[don’t lose your self-respect, trying to gain revenge]

keep in line, see the sign, victory is thine
he the vine, we’re the branch where the fruits borne
and some of y’all been on there too long, spoiled rotten
the regiment developin’ a loyal followin’
contest and rest under kentucky soil - not a problem
all i’m askin’ for is a fair market at the auction
i put my work on the block - gimme my portion
a good return and if not, i’ll put the cross on em
target for the marlin - amoss endorsement
this manifest impressed on parchment - y’all can read, right?
figured the herod-type particularly erudite
terms affirmed by the testament of old
where the servants learn - test ‘em with gold, yeah we got that
armed for combat, over crop tax
cease the fraud, you aint god, damnit - stop that..
Track Name: Oldham Era
been left of center ever since, uh, i been left centerfield
winter still remind me of my pop’s passin’
a mass of them pray and suddenly stop askin’
admin say ‘ma’am, your son is not passin”
excel at self-expression, my impression felt
sizable welt left on my question, mark the section of the bible belt
rally roots established in a baptist church
first act of ‘ism’ was against that forbidden thirst
thought it odd - all the men in my biological bottle fed
god in the women, the devil cause of my father’s death
fresh clay, shaped the way they want me up in sunday school
formin’ resume the morn of monday, too
pioneers of integration with no relation to race, from the
earliest days they merged clergy and state
serve as deacon do a teacher; principal as a pastor
every lesson prepped for the test in the hereafter
best to have the fear of the master in your heart of hearts
i tried reasoning and seen things fall apart
carved outta henry - how befitting, ‘give me liberty’
or else an alternative to dwellin’ with the merciless

the line drawn around the county i have found to be
confining - aint no bounties in the boundary
we ’bout to secede..

a colonel by default, i never fought for the continentals
though my war of independence bore some resemblance
they trynna make me do like them - move right then
attune my mentals, broke pencil - spoke through my pen
kinetically set it, gesture affect a ripple
imprudent, for this student body is ill and crippled
i’ll walk on ‘em, in partin’ ‘yall gon’ miss me when i’m gone’
now long forgotten, they pawned my saga for a song
the alarm is armed - guards on watch, not one’ll abscond the
box again; the common anomaly of protestants
i lost to the sovereign, the dominant still holdin’ office
glowin’ over that oldham era’s a golden aura
growin’ under that old america’s something strange
bubblin’ to break-point range - awaken, take the reins!
oh, there he goes again - broken and soberin’
his story told all over, the walls closin’ in..

the line drawn around the county i have found to be
confining, aint no bounties in the boundary
we ’bout to secede…
i’ve gone across the country, what you want from me
to die of hunger for the punditry?
you’ll never succeed…nah, you’ll never succeed.
Track Name: Watership Down
To fallen comrades, all I have to offer is this
Word of insignificance: y’all really been missed
Some soldiers never enlist but find themselves
Engaged in conflict where it’s life’s stakes, regardless
Ain't nothin' promised from the minute we started
Still it’s hard feelin’ you wasn’t robbed of any part
Every bar penned in your memory’s honor, my intercession
I struggle to keep the faith, I’m bereft of possession
What’s left then, of this pathetic relic I stepped in?
The cut through the core may have severed my last connection
I’m expectin’ a sign of acceptance, tethered to the axiom
Inadequate reception, I reckon it’s from the valium
A stepson of the pallium challenge and test one
Nebulous response said "It’s better not to question"
In rejection of your slant, I’m demanding an explanation
Where’s the justice or the justification in takin’ Nathan?
Brother you listenin’? Send the exposition
I’m sick of pretending there’s any intent to my existence
I’mma lie beneath the Woodbine, lookin’ for a sign
If you could find one - right about now’d be a good time

I had a dream this morning
That the rain came pourin’, better vacate the warren, and I
I’ve never seen such mournin’
In the wake of a storm better wake up the warden, and I
Beg you to heed this warnin’
For the sake of the pure and I’mma wait here for ‘em
We gotta leave these quarters
And escape what’s in store, either face fate or break, y’all

A straggling of peers in the academy
Are lookin’ at me like "You said to move, start traveling!"
A captain with no navigating skills in the galley
Fightin’ to flee the feral at the peril of the menagerie
Within the waves (I) start waverin’
Where’s this revelation when the frame comes cavin’ in?
Grave thoughts: "Where they ’bout to put mine?" if you
Overlook a crime - right about now’d be a good time

It’s a long reach into vast space
Lately I been slashed, maybe you could meet me halfway
Days passed since I got the cache tatted
I’m a fast player with the match and paper in the ashtray
Told when I asked that the pathway is wide, though
Accommodatin’ all cats attracted to the fire’s glow
Tough as it was I let my pride go - something said to
Trust, but it’s nothing left inside to revive, over
Thin books of laws we found cause for discord
And distort every bit of wisdom it give forth
Quick to stir it up and settle shit with a fist Lord
They’d be afraid of death if they had something to live for
The orb in the distance shone for the lone canoness
Grantin’ ‘em amnesty for tamperin’ with the manifest
My mannerism: a prism and should shine; light it if you would
Be so kind - right now’d be a good time


I’m tryin’ not to feel responsible
For complicating things in relation to the chronicle
You’re free to walk away, for you to stay seems improbable
If I led you astray I pray to suffer the unconscionable
But if (there's) truth therein, drop the
Anchor deep and save me, thankfully your bravery
Withstood mine, shook in the waves, but it looks fine
Give praise - right about now’d be a good time.
Track Name: Red Leaves
Hear that? They speakin’ through me when the channel is clear
N’ we got so much to tell you that you can not bare
For security, I word it in proverbial form
When just a glimmer turned disturbed about a third of your dorm
What they pawnin’ for accelerants to excellence
Will be a lesson in free trade. Let em eat cake for breakfast
It’s better we put a bullet in the press and shoot the messenger
To send one back, in defense of the attack
Second chapter drafted by the masterful son
For those with hatchets and guns, askin’ “what has to be done?”
What you become through the process is seminal to
The progress of the policy we institute
As it’s told, the goal is nothin’ but a milestone
Soon as we annihilate the thrown, we gon’ bring the rank n’ file home
What’s sewn now flower when the child’s grown. Presently dial-tone connect
Let it be known, you not alone

Silent brigade play the fan fare
You mountin’ up or you gon’ stand there?
Saddle in n’ tie it tight
Fighters of the right are ridin’ tonight
Inner circle join the outfit
Opposition gettin’ ousted
Darkness ain't gon’ hide you from light
Fighters of the right are ridin’ tonight

Facin’ condemnation ipso-facto
It is no glasnost, the river of cash flows
Damned to churn turbines, can’t discern a word
I’m so deaf, and left with my insight to survive
Born are we defective or perfection in flesh?
I may debate {that} your human nature
Is the product of the place of your rest
Not to suggest we ground in fallibility
But tread upon it when steppin’ inside impalpability
My shadow fill me up with fear, cup shallow
Make it easy on em, deepenin’ more often now to see the bottom
I solemnly swear to god I’m wallowin’ in mire
Consequent to my desire, fully competent to rectify a
Misstep. Rip a stitch in your fishnet
The mutinous move in this, who the midshipmen of kismet
Land ho! A dead jam restriction on my vocab
Photographed pose slow the rolls of the nomads
My militarism menace imperialism, we give a minute to kill em
Millin’ about without a mission. Listen
Argue and quibble, the archetypical cure’s yours
Heart in you brittle, the arc in the sickle bores forth
You pen a bill, n’ you better get familiar
Really though what they spent on that fence around the basilica’s
Senseless. Indigenous citizens stripped of privilege
His imminent demise, immigrants arise


The truest opportunists thrive in the maelstrom
And peddle logic of pedagogues, theodicy failed em
The grant of a planned economy with stars in them eyes
Behind the bars laws to keep the prophet marginalized
The market supply’s entirely outta sync with the demand
The cost/price analysis invalid and banned
Establish a brand, slap a tag of filth in the inseam
Power to the plant, stream filter the benzine
Chuck call it hustlin’ culture, brother spoke to the
Frustrated folkers, they focused. Now they’re phonin’ their brokers
How the go from the brokest to the dopest, lotus whip is
So the shit. “Don’t trip, you can chauffer this.”
And when it stop, what you got to show for this?
Silver go to Tonto with all the other the other metals in the console
Mobbin’ on the comptroller, holdin’ my thang
If it’s over we goin’ out wit’ a bang boy!

Track Name: His Eminence
Politickin’ with the big boys… prince of eminence
Small town royalty… salute the procession

Jimmy had a six-string, Jimmy had a drum
Jimmy had a six-pack, Jimmy had a gun
Jimmy had a problem and Jimmy had to run
And since, I’ve resented that Jimmy ever had a son

Where you been, Jimmy? You know a lotta things changed after
You left; on who rests blame? We’re all clueless
Effects of undue stress caused a few to lose breath
And question, ‘after you, who’s next?’
The true test of how strong the bond’s tied
Comes right around the time the patriarch dies
How many McKinney’s left? You can count ‘em on one hand
Your legacy’s as petty as you - understand?
It’s a cold world & I’ve seen a grip of cats freeze
At times you had me thinking I’m sick with that disease
Contemplating my fate, .38 ways to face it
Put the metal in my mouth at nineteen, just to taste it
The flavor of black powder requires an acquired palette
Look at me preaching to the choir about it, I doubt it
Ever even crossed your mind, trying to shoulder
The weight of raisin’ a daughter demands a harder spine
Stunned, shocked, what one shot could do to the fam
The bough breaks, nowadays I call your mother ‘Ruthann’
She hardly know me, slowly we drifted through the breeze
Recently I visited to introduce my seed
Trouble breathin’, oxygen helps mask the wheezing
Ashtray in the kitchen overflowing with the reason
‘Them’s johnny’s.’ he passed through when we was leaving
Looking like he seen a ghost in my frame - he started weeping
We talked for hours; told him ‘you gotta let go.’
Imagine in twenty years how many others said so
I can’t connect with him, so I stop - he’s not ready
Lost touch with reality plus Josh and Debbie
It’s a heavy burden, struggles to find steady work
And he hasn’t played the drums since y’all was last rehearsing
I heard your moms gave him the house, it caused conflict
With Cheryl and Becky especially when he lost it
It’s pitiful, your little brother is literally
Trapped in a void and that bad choice was pivotal
Damn, you got him stuck in a rut, I’m singing
‘Johnny was a good man…’ but you fucked that up
Ayo it’s complicated commiserating with the complacent
The blank stare on his face remains vacant
What a disgrace, he wastes every day he lives
And i still can’t decide if that’s your fault or his…”
Track Name: Trouble Is
The vagrant came upon a plot, shop set it down
Found vacant, he gon' make it into something better now
Barn hand, conversant in farm land, planted seven rows
Will it ever grow? Heaven only knows, though he's
Hopeful, never boastful about the ethic
Set it deep into the earth, work and serve, all the rest let it
Come or not, hot summer sun, son bumper crop
Over night, or so some thought (now they're talkin' that)

What you really did to get this windfall, spendin' all year estranged?
Better not be mystical, typically the criminals here they hang
Ain't nobody ever seen you cultivate, rake or till, ya dig?
Take a lot to win a pot, wanna pay the rate? The stakes raised, you bid?
In or out, what the men around here bout, finna count a pound of cheese
Double down, you intend to win the prize, otherwise bounce and leave
We don't care where you came from, since day one seen the game constructed
We gon' watch it all fall, frauds claim to save it in the name of love? Nuh uh

Bubble, fizz what the trouble is?
This is hustle biz what the trouble is?
A couple kids what the trouble is?
Muzzle ripped, tell em what the trouble is, come on now

Trouble is love don't want you, boy, see the
Trouble is love don't want you, baby, see the
Trouble is love don't want you, no, see the
Trouble is love don't want you here

Not one to gamble, lit the Camel, took a long drag
Sat back and blew, inside he knew these folks had gone mad
Through the smoke proposed a wager: tails, you can take my fields
Heads, you accept my station; they deliberated, deal!
Coin turned for what seemed like eternity, slow breath
Some folks wept and fretted while the peasant never broke a sweat
Confident he had em in the talisman's descent
By the time they shouted TAILS, he done packed his bags and went

Best never try to test the vets, you wanna settle? Better pay your dues
To the boss you done lost your crops, in one toss I'll take your food
Better be gone, set about and keep on a boulevard towards the boat
Ever come back get about a ton of that d-CON down your throat
In the meantime we find these fine fruits do quench a thirst
And for pay we may persuade & convince some of these men to work
In the end we sup and supplement the income caught in the trap
We must be blessed, best of all that farmer's gone, thank God for that

Double-dipped what the trouble is?
That's hustle biz what the trouble is?
A couple kids what the trouble is?
Knuckle, fist, tell em what the trouble is, come on now

Trouble is love don't want you, boy, see the
Trouble is love don't want you, baby, see the
Trouble is love don't want you, no, see the
Trouble is love don't want you here
Track Name: Bonanza
… A lotta suckas always front that we made it by luck…

Live from out a silent town where talent abounds
The area where pavement covers sacred burial grounds
Sound off two for those who came first and laid the work
Laborers and mercenaries mining diamonds out the pay dirt
Worth inequitable, yet to get what’s deserved
For official recognition i press to spread the word
Act like you ain't heard we on the verge of a breakthrough
Youth crammin’ the gate sayin’ ‘i just can’t wait’
It takes a dreamer type to keep the hope alive but don’t shut those Eyes; it’s cut-throat comin’ from both sides
And when the gun smoke rise, only one’ll survive
‘not two, not three, not four, not five’

Six years on the grind here, take it if they give me ten
Principally paid dues, who’s seein’ dividends
Where the kid begin? around the City of Cin
Another sea-sickened immigrant attempts to fit in
I seen your citizens around, shower praise on a duck
Bust the bass-pound speakers, sets played in my truck
A pot struck under the rainbow, the stage i touched
‘a lotta suckas always front that we made it by luck’

Never left fortune to chance, nah i took a second job
Just to finance the pressing of a respectable effort
I’ve come to terms with the significance of Live & Learn
Kid’ll get his turn only after they listen and spurn
So necessarily my resolve was tested, told ‘em
I’ll be back in a second to wreck it with a better record
A set objective I said it how I knew best
Rooted in the east movin’ due west, of the etiquette clueless, uh
I bid adieu, do i say ‘bon jour?’ how long you be gone for?
Maybe forever on this award tour
Playin’ for none, can i do one more? prayin’ for an encore
Bangin’ on a drum at the contour
The long shot, survival at sea - got to paddle
Paychecks for prize money at the beatbox battle
Big up’s to VERA, my debt forever paid in fine art
One of the biggest reasons we fuckin’ with dave meinert
Service to my constituents, a purpose in fuzed
Word to love, son - we got a lotta work to do
Real recognize and appreciate real, but
‘a lotta suckas always front that we made it by luck’

Ain't nothin’ foreign to the formula, you reap what you sew
Spent these summers on the come-up, you just seein’ us blow
Some conditions are beyond control - nevermind that
The difference in victory and failure is where your mind’s at
Wild speculation on the state of the section
Some missin’ the bigger picture while they’re posin’ the question
It’s the answer I’ve been trynna pass along to the amateur
While they stand around and wait for the bonanza.