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"..or if I build again the things which I destroyed, I make myself a transgressor."


released March 9, 2016



all rights reserved


RA Scion Seattle, Washington

RA Scion has been writing, recording + performing since the '90s, most notably as 1/2 of Common Market.
"There is a restlessness in RA Scion, a desire to move outside of usual or secure boundaries. From rural Kentucky to as far afield as Zambia & Greece, he's spent his life reinventing himself and his task in the world. His answers are never easy ones.” – Victoria Farr Brown, Historian and Writer ... more

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Track Name: Action [Figures]

..Who do you call on when you call for help?
Who do you rely upon, if not yourself?
Watch your step [exhale :: inhale] ..don’t let ‘em suck you in
Catch your breath; don’t let Heaven set so heavy ‘top your head
Stop and get that off your chest; blessed is the respite
No confession necessary, Mother Mary suffers deafness
Sign inside the window shine with info on the sellers
Double lines thru the “$$” – deficits over death-wishes
Devilish propositions; pontiff is politickin’
Cosmic cosmopolitan – not a dollar off commission
We’re not your product for pitchin’ – not your problem for fixin’
Not your partner in fraudulent business opportunism
Opted out of your system – conscientious objectors
Pockmarks in your theorem – shotty rendered defective
Prah-verbial wisdom – monotheistic ethic
Posse all in y’all temple – harlots, muggers, and beggars..

I heard the sermons and the stories
Of the coming of the Son of Man; marvelous, glorious
Some things I don’t understand – search for words that speak to me
Sum it up in one command: “you will serve the least of these..”
Countless hours spent in silence, trynna
Listen to the wind when it whispers with the guidance
Astronomical alliance: seven brides inside the Pleiades
Brightness is deceiving, try to shine amongst the least of these..

..Who do you turn to in your time of need?
Who do you cry to when you’re wide asleep?
Finders keep; fighting over fairness leaves your science weak
Find out how the shepherd led the flock atop the lion’s heap
Liars cheat to acquire a wider slice of pie to eat
Hierarchy hyper off the sweets; diet dynasty
Fill-up on the Captain, take a shot at modern piracy
Shit I couldn’t fathom; wouldn’t risk it for the life of me..
Share alike; shell is well-prepared for parasites
Waters float piranhas; terra firma burn of terror strikes
Pages turned; passage through the port, a prince: paradise
Diplomat; tip the hat and haggle for this asking price
.. Bargain power; call collective
Barking dog’ll fetch a bone; barter harder; stall method
Small step in all directions; omnipresent, haulin army weapons
Pressure on the echelon - strongly suggestion..

I heard the parables and prophesies
The King of Kings is coming to reclaim his father’s property
What becomes of bodies not equipped with common decency?
Keepers of the hellcats; stewards to the least of these..
Countless hours spent in earnest on the
Studies, lessons learned in how to be a better servant
The serpent said to Eve that she was free to be a deity
Tough to trust a tongue that’s never hung amongst the least of these..
Track Name: Say [Anything]

Aiyo it’s dreamers and believers, which of these better describes you?
Starin’ into space to pave a way, or pass the time? You -
May never be able to be here again, so I advise
You try and find the highest line of sight that life assigned to you
Pyramid designers, river-riders – cut and carve a path
Sailor for a summer; compass sunk – shun the cartograph
Seekers of the sun are never far from making contact
But soon as the darkness starts to loom assume a heart attack is
Looming, too – organs overdue for tuning; overused
Toke and hold the smoke in both the lungs, love – blow the fuse
Occular myopathy – it’s hard to see the overview
Holler if you heard me, I’ve been worried I was 0-for-2
Never has a perfect record mattered less to management
The mathematic averages are stacked in their advantage
And the chances of becoming champions have all but vanished
All the amateurs are crammed up in the grandstands chantin out:

OLE SANTOS! (repeat)

Credo in deum; spiritum sanctum
Patrem omnipotentem..
Creatorem; caeli et terra
Dominum nostrum..

Aiyo religious iconography’s likened to idol worship
It’s a chalice in the church and without it the bible’s worthless
I’m childish in my assessment, but balanced in my analysis
I’ve waited half of an eternity to take a turn at this
Stage fright – breaking from tradition takes a brave type
Fumble over words; third and short – never play it right
Fourth and long – finna send a prayer to the Vatican
Habits are hard to crack, but they say it’s no shame in asking the
Saints to show favor toward the family for a moment
It’s way too many positions to play against my opponent
It’s way too many ways to play games with my emotions
Way too many ways to die alone to try and go it
Everybody know the dice is loaded; precisely why they keep the
Lights lowered; sleight of hand, tag with the price is showing
Call a card – awestruck; brother tuck the golden ropes
Open up your mouth and let the word out like we spoke about


Credo in deum ; spiritum sanctum
Remissionem peccatorum
Carnis ressurectionum
Vitam etermim..
Track Name: Bury [Me]

Earth my body; water my blood
The air I breathe; fire my love
..I am forever in my element (X2)

Decomposition; body bygone
By law of nature; some say by god
My constitution; this bag of bones is
Battered from batttling beasts of reason and ration
Seen these demons and dragons – dream sequence in action
Scenescape, entrapped – feeling is reimagined
Fear is merely a phantom – wonder is in your head
Shadows are an illusion, there’s nothing under your bed
I prevailed in a match with temporary paralysis
Vali-ant - is the warrior who meets his challenges
Vital to the victor is the vigor and the strength
Wise men never spend either one on women or kings
It’s enemies intervening, it’s many men interweaving
A web to catch you soon as you spread your wings for leaving
No fly – butter is stuck and the blood-suckers are feasting
They never suffered a season of famine; fam keep feeding ‘em..

Decomposition; body bygone
By law of nature; some say by god
My constitution; this dirty flesh is
Wholly unworthy of ceremonial burial
Babylonian era; barbaric bearers of bad news
Broken seals; deals brokered in back rooms
By the grace of goons, given ample opportunity
To prosper while the planet rock is zoomin throught the uni-verse
In search of legit licks – joogin’ for jewelery
Executing justice, play the role of judge and jury just to
Juggle jobs – custodial care of jurisprudence, yo
The janitor’s a manager now – jesus is judas
And the table’s set – benchroom, space by the banquet
Wait to say grace ‘fore we break the bread – thanks give
This’ll be the final time that we convene to pay respects
A traitor set among us, son he must be laid to rest

Decomposition; body bygone
By law of nature; some say by god
My constitution; this skeleton is
Seconds from returning to the things it was distinguished from..
Earth my body; water my blood
Air my breath; fire my love
..I am forever in my element (X2)