The Rare Recordings

by RA Scion



a 28-track compilation of rare recordings, feature verses, and unreleased material.


released February 16, 2017



all rights reserved


RA Scion Seattle, Washington

RA Scion has been writing, recording + performing since the '90s, most notably as 1/2 of Common Market.
"There is a restlessness in RA Scion, a desire to move outside of usual or secure boundaries. From rural Kentucky to as far afield as Zambia & Greece, he's spent his life reinventing himself and his task in the world. His answers are never easy ones.” – Victoria Farr Brown, Historian and Writer ... more

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Track Name: Spread!

Extrasensory perceiving trouble in Acropolis
Hellenic is thick, it started muscling the populous
Blood flowing; growin’ stubble waitin’ on apocalypse
Now a tower’s reduced to rubble, I’m on top of this
Recall – fanatics used to circumambulate
Nowadays they’re held back by the hammer’s weight
Trust lost, bussin’ ‘em up north for panther bait
Snap through; review the draft as I annotate
Situated in the company of mad men
Jockey for the pole, runnin’ under me is Madison
Dictated by the punditry of dad’s sin
Lock me in the cold, money – comfy with the kaftan
Carbonated philosophical interpretation
Inflated pathological evaluation
See me on the third rock signaling the mother star
Sub-par; y’all know who my lovers are..

CHORUS: Spread Love (X4)
Spread Love to the edge of the earth, and let it spread ‘til it bursts
The words fed by deceitful
Spread Love (X4)
Spread Love to the edge of the earth, yo we gon’ make this work
Concede to the inconceivable

Stop. Look. Listen; instrumentation
Drop. Hook. Fishing; caught one
Clock. Took. Infinitely been waiting
Rock. Shook. Splittin. Lost some.
Breathe. Move. Spinnin’ into rotation
Leave who’s slippin’ – gotta run
Seize. Loot. Petition my probation
Please. Prove. Repetition done.
Extrasensory perceiving greed inside the cavalcade
Colonel take a turn to pull his steed aside the magistrate
Shod well, yellin’ “god speed” slide parallel
And take the lead, pride make ‘em ride the carousel
Well, well, well it is with he who holds authority
Forming a fraternity to fornicate sorority
Lambda lambs, they give up penance for prestige
The west needs women who instead of knees..

Track Name: Kasase

[Sample Chorus] “I came direct from the ghetto” (Lusaka to Kampala, holla)
Where children don’t have shoes on their feet..”

Savor the sweet scent of smoldering trash; look how the boulders stacked
It’s where the crew shack-up under the roof-thatch – one or
Two rats, but under new rations ain’t no fruit
Lasting long enough to get passed onto scavengers
Ask the real savages about the key to happiness
And he start recappin’ the tracts of biblical babblers
I presume Dr. Living-stone left them all turned
Check ‘em in the fall term; presidential law firm as
God’s ground, on which we stand – but y’all trippin’
If you think we’re trading our traditions to become Christians
On the promise of one day we may see heaven
Pressure to survive got ‘em sweatin’ the epinephrine
Except for the reverend, we’re all starved, sick and sallow-ish
Deep water baptism – our river’s the shallowest
Pastor goin’ on about “teach a man how to fish”
Sheeit, I’m learnin’ ‘bout liftin’ these .50 calibres
If this lord of yours exists, we implore
Forgiveness for more than resistance, for instance
Conditions within this premise is insufficient and hideous
You pay penance, bitch – we’re penniless
Keep that sympathy, give me something I can live with
Paper pictures of Queen Elizabeth
Talk money in King’s English, what you thinkin’
We’re speakin’ in “clicks?” Only when the thing spits…

Catch a glimpse of what my father felt; current sense of what the
Whip-lash caused a welt; thrashed by the Copperbelt
Buckle-up – this transition will get turbulent
Strip – mine’ll burn you with heat that leave permanent streaks
Ain’t nobody bothered toppin’ these streets
With nothin’ black but corpses caught by rebel forces
Headed for the fortress with the war chant bangin’
God-duty – you seein’ a coups in the making
A-Kakin’ it up, takin’ trucks out of Meikle’s hands
Also the kilo-grams – that’ll go to feed the fam
Come up out them sneakers and pants – “salaula” brand
Suit me well – ghetto fab fashion that Gucci belt
Stir the pot and sing that song – put the nshima on
Chicken getting fully dressed; relish in the moment
Cause tomorrow when the dream pop; three the hard way
Roll to Kabwe for Yahweh’s sake – keep them heaters hot
Freedom rocks, whether we gon’ see it or not’s
Not concerning me, sick as my kid is in the infirmary
Burners be tools used for burglary; possession of power
Position of mercenary; professional scowler
Sour ‘bout a paycheck – Coney hasn’t paid yet
How long I’mma wait yet? Homie I don’t play that
We shall rebel to the fullest
Y’all gon’ rest in hell in a hail of bullets (god help us)..
Track Name: Hands Up! [Rough]

…And when they tell you put your “HANDS UP!” Sign of submission;
I am not likely to listen, and I know that you know that may be a sign of my privilege
I don’t comply with your wishes, I won’t put my “HANDS UP!” FUCK Y’ALL!
By what authority are you purportedly ordering me to stop loitering?
I am not bothering anyone / anything; other than all of your laws of supremacy
I am enjoying what freedom was given me; honor my liberty; speak to me civilly
I know my history; god is no mystery. She came to me in a vision and said to me:
“Heaven awaits; take a deep breath and get ready to feel the fulfilment of destiny
Set me aright [alright] – I’m alright again. I am in awe of it all.
Fall to my knees if it pleases thee, freely throw both of my “HANDS UP!” I display praise.
I will have faith; mind her when asked to obey – pride has been cast away
Enraptured state – the master/slave mentality had to be eradicated, see
We will not sing for King David; one finger both “HANDS UP!” Fuck the assembly.
Send me to sentencing; death will deliver me – back to exact and lay vengeance on enemies
Say if you with me then lift at least one of your “HANDS UP!” Answer your calling.
Follow me into the darkness – watch as the cards collapse; Rome has now fallen.
The students of Stalin are stallin’ – on with the storming of gates, too long have we waited
Made to be patient; the eyes of the patron; the rise of a nation; this tribe of the natives, please
Summon the ancient to save us – show us the dangerous ways of our errors are over
Grant us this favor: the manifestation of grace and I know that I already owe you.
So far to go to get home – it’s hard to be hopeful; it’s harder to know when to throw in the
Towel; I’m hollerin’ out I got both of my “HANDS UP!” and I’m ‘bout to get louder
Primal the scream, final the hour; the owl is circling Ivory Tower
The timing is now, my people the power is ours so put ‘em up high if you down!